Jim Withers

Posted: 29 August 2023, in

Jim’s knowledge and experience, built over 30+ years, in both the private and public sectors includes founding the existing Community Interest Company Respite Now CIC in 2012 – present delivering a range of training, employability support services and related e.g. Health & Safety, Mindfulness, Wellbeing, Yoga, Mobility.  I was a director and board member of Social Firms Scotland for 5 years.  My private experience covers running a  national team for Smith & Nephew [ Elastoplast ] with a £5million annual budget and creating   Mediscot health & safety supplies who supplied major client customers including  Channel Tunnel, Plumb Centres, SSE along with local businesses and created over 30 jobs.  My experience has also supported third sector  and public organisations such as Enable Scotland, SPAEN, DWP, Fife – East – North Ayrshire – Borders councils.  Last but not least I’m co-founder of the Peace of Mind social enterprise which to date is supporting 50 people and has created 6 jobs via a Fife Council service level agreement which has just recently been renewed for 2023/24.