Michelle Sutherland

Posted: 29 August 2023, in

Michelle Sutherland, originally from Paisley, Scotland and now residing in Paisley after spending over a decade in Australia. This “Scozzie” has been helping people and businesses change for the better for over 15 years. 

A Social Entrepreneur, Coach, Consultant and Change Maker. Michelle made the transition from full time employee to full time Social Entrepreneur from 2007 to 2014. In her corporate career she became an expert in change management, employee engagement, communications and social responsibility. 

In 2009 she started her “side hustle” with Arbonne, a Social Marketing B Corporation who specialise in empowering people to flourish through sustainable healthy living. Michelle reached the top 1% of Arbonne consultants in 2018 and is an extremely proud National Vice President. 

In the middle of the lockdown in June 2020, Michelle asked herself what more she could do for her community and our planet.. that is when Definitii was founded and born! It is a purpose driven change consultancy & social enterprise, with the double mission of 1. empowering people & businesses to improve their social & environmental impact through the B Corp community & standards and 2. educating young people how to be for the greater good through Social Entrepreneurship.