Bulletin Message for July

Posted: 02 August 2010, in Blog

We seem to be living in a period of bifocal panic – in which we are told that social enterprise lies at the heart of big society government planning, while also facing execution by eye watering spending cuts. It’s time to keep our nerve and stay in business.  Yes there is going to be less tax payers’ money, but why should social enterprises automatically be at the back of the queue?  Let’s not forget too that there are also pots of private sector money looking for a home and a generation of conscience stricken baby boomers with money keen to make a difference. We also have resources of our own within the movement which, if we can find the right mechanisms, to shore up any investment short fall. Looking back over business articles I wrote in the last recession, what strikes me is how rich social enterprises are in social capital – we just need to remember to put it on our balance sheet and sweat the asset.  

What the Coalition needs right now are good case studies to show policy makers: examples of good public sector service delivery, innovation and successful businesses. This is a vitally important time for our movement and I would ask you to get involved. Our work in campaigning for tax incentives for investors has now entered the Treasury machinery and I will keep you posted.  

Finally staffing news. After 19 months in the job, our Policy Officer Callum Chomczuk is moving on to become Senior Policy & Parliamentary Officer at Age Scotland. He has done a great job here at the Coalition and we wish him every success in his new role.