COP26 Special: Plant-based water bottles tackling the climate emergency

Posted: 08 November 2021, in News

In the lead up to and during the COP26 event in Glasgow and Climate Fringe we’re featuring green social enterprises and socially impactful businesses to promote their inspiring work in tackling the climate emergency. This week we hear from S’wheat – take part in the conversation on social media with the hashtags #GreenSocEnt and #COP26.

S’wheat was set up in 2018 in Edinburgh by founders Jake and Amee, as they embarked on a mission to create the world’s first reusable water bottle made from plants.

After two years of intense research the duo managed to create the reusable bottle made from plant-based materials using naturally grown waste wheat straw and bamboo. Creating their company S’wheat, they created a reusable bottle that’s practical, functional and truly sustainable. 

S’wheat was designed in Scotland and inspired by the diverse Scottish landscapes. The S’wheat bottles’ patented design and ‘eco-insulated’ wall, means the bottle is suitable for both hot and cold drinks.

On their journey S’wheat has picked up a number of awards including awards from: Scottish Edge, Santander, Princes Trust, Hunter Foundation, Natwest, Social Enterprise UK and more. The product has received lots of press attention with Delish naming it “The Best Reusable Water Bottle for 2021”. 

The enterprise’s core mission is to protect the oceans from plastic pollution. That’s why for every S’wheat bottle sold they take 20 lbs of plastics out of our oceans, plant a trackable native tree with every sale, and donate profits to protecting wildlife.

As part of their goal to tackle climate change S’wheat works with organisations and companies to audit and evaluate their plastic consumption and greenhouse emissions and provide sustainable, circular and reusable alternatives. 

They offer co-branding of their products, where an organisation can add laser engraved logos to the plant-based bottles for use at events, for client gifts or for employees. 

With every corporate order they plant a minimum of 100 trackable native trees in the company’s name as well as offsetting a minimum of 2 tonnes of carbon emissions. They provide all of this alongside environmental reporting showcasing your efforts, making it a perfect corporate social responsibility project. 

With Scotland hosting the 26th UN Climate Change Conference of the Parties (COP26) in Glasgow, S’wheat are keen to support more businesses in their efforts to tackle climate change. 

The COP26 conference has brought together parties to accelerate progress toward the Paris Agreement and the goals of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change.

The United Kingdom and its partner Italy have been hosting the event, that many believe will be the world’s last best chance to prevent climate change from becoming uncontrollable. 

S’wheat’s founder; Amee Ritchie believes that COP26 offers a pivotal opportunity in history for significant change, understanding and action to occur. 

As a founder of a sustainable enterprise she is hopeful that the parties involved in COP26 will challenge, and put pressure on, the world’s largest polluters into fast and significant changes, instead of weak and delayed promises. Amee believes that sustainable social enterprises can lead the way in this much needed movement and that more should be done by Governments across the globe to support this. 

Amee and Jake, S’wheat