Social Enterprise Employee Champion Spotlight: Lisa Gemmell, Be-inn Unity

Posted: 04 June 2024, in Awards-News

The Social Enterprise Employee Champion award recognises an individual working in a social enterprise who went above and beyond to make a difference. We’re proud to include this award which honours and celebrate the work of individuals in social enterprise organisations.

Please meet Lisa Gemmell, Community and Relationship Mentor at Be-Inn Unity, who won Social Enterprise Employee Champion at the 2023 Social Enterprise Awards Scotland.

Lisa has embodied the values of our organisation and deserved to be recognised for the massive impact she has made in the lives of so many children and young people. She is always going above and beyond to meet children where they are, and provides a relationship that allows them to feel felt and explore their emotions.

Winning this category was testament to Lisa and the role she has developed in partnership with Larbert High School. Lisa doesn’t do the “job” for awards, she does if for the good of others, but winning it was a reminder of just how important the role is for the community and helped us all to take stalk of that impact. She never sings her own praises, and we are so delighted that others have done this for her. She deserves it.

The awards win has grown Lisa’s confidence that she is doing the right thing for the children and community she serves. Lisa has continued to develop more programmes that are targeting more children from different backgrounds, ensuring that Be-inn Unity strives to realise its mantra of “We all belong to each other.”

As a social enterprise, we will continue to build on the success of this award and hopefully work with more partners over the next couple of years. It was such a great achievement, and we know that Lisa was a deserving winner, we are so proud to have her as part of our team. We would like to say a huge congratulations to all the finalists and winners from 2023, and good luck to everyone who gets nominated in the Social Enterprise Awards for 2024!

Social Enterprise Scotland Awards 2023 are open!

The awards are a real opportunity to showcase the very best of the sector, highlighting the agility, ability and active role that social enterprises play in building places, supporting communities and making a positive impact on our environment and wellbeing.

We have 9 categories available. This is your chance to spotlight the incredible work of your organisation, celebrate your achievements, demonstrate social impact and be recognised as best in sector. All Social Enterprises that operate in Scotland or individuals/organisations that work/volunteer in Scotland are eligible to enter.