#GoodNewsScot – 11am to 12pm Fridays

Posted: 14 August 2020, in News

The media and social media is dominated by negative virus news but we can help change that…

As we continue to get vital support to those who are suffering due to the current situation – we’re also being inspired by the creative responses and innovation we’re seeing across Scotland.

We believe that people working in social enterprises and charities also need motivational support to keep a positive frame of mind – with real opportunities to learn how other people are driving solutions.

Each weekday at 11am to 12pm for the next few weeks our social media will be dedicated to #GoodNewsScot – an hour of only solutions-based news stories from the enterprising third sector, on any topic.

Stories can be global as well as local but our focus will be on as many Scottish stories as possible. For example, a charity fundraising story, how a social enterprise has changed services to adapt – and even how new opportunities and new ways of working are paying dividends.

It’s an opportunity for you to promote your organisation – join us and share your news from 11am to 12pm weekdays using the #GoodNewsScot hashtag!

A social media campaign from Social Enterprise Scotland, Social Enterprise Academy, Social Investment Scotland, The Rooftop / Campaign Collective and media co-op.