Growth in Awareness

Posted: 23 March 2010, in Press Release


Public awareness of social enterprises in Scotland in on the rise has risen by 11 per cent in just six months, according to a recent MORI Poll.

Statistics from the poll, commissioned by The Scottish Social Enterprise Coalition, showed 65 percent of Scots surveyed knew about social enterprises – businesses with a social or environmental purpose.

The findings mirror the powerful impact of the rapidly growing social enterprise movement, which is now estimated to add around £2 billion to the Scottish economy every year.

And it seems Scots want more to be done to encourage this growth with the majority (81 per cent) stating that the UK Government should be doing more to encourage investment in social enterprises.

The poll also highlighted Scot’s support for a fairer tax relief system with equal rights for investment in social enterprises as private companies.

Antonia Swinson, chief executive of The Scottish Social Enterprise Coalition, said: “These results reaffirm everything we have been saying recently. The Scottish people are community minded people and they realise the positive impact and crucial role social enterprise businesses can play in their local area.

Social enterprises offer excellent opportunities for businesses and investors and it is vital that these are given as much support as possible to continue to drive forward the impressive work they are delivering in communities across Scotland.”

“These results are hugely encouraging and we’re delighted that growing numbers of people in Scotland now understand what social enterprises are – we will continue our work to raise awareness about this growing and dynamic business movement.

Scotland now has an estimated 3,000 social enterprises, employing an estimated 30,000 people. The annual S2S social enterprise fair at the Corn Exchange in Edinburgh on 21 April will bring together social enterprises across Scotland to showcase the wide range of sectors they operate in.