Helping to brighten your future with music

Posted: 08 March 2021, in News

Lamentally Sound CIC is a social enterprise specialising in music to help with wellbeing. It’s the brainchild of our founder Lesley-Ann Clubb. Our core aim is to help people’s wellbeing and mental health using music.

Think of music. We all have songs that spark an emotion or a memory. When you’re happy you enjoy music, when you are sad you can understand the lyrics. Music is food for the soul. When Covid-19 hit, we knew this could and would impact on people’s mental health. We wanted to help our local community.

Living in a small, isolated ex-mining village, we wanted to help people through these unprecedented times. We wanted to help people who have never suffered any mental health issues and the people who struggle daily. Lamentally Sound CIC wanted to arm people with relevant information and services that are available out there to help. 

We received a grant from Foundation Scotland’s RRR Fund. This was a way to help the people of our small village. We made 1000 mental health canvas bags. Each bag contained a booklet about us. A kid’s mental health pack, a book either on depression, anxiety, feeling the fear and insomnia. Also, links to websites and facilities that can help specific mental health issues, a colour therapy book with pencils and a musical toy. All delivered in a reusable canvas bag. 

The Lamentally Sound team, plus a couple of volunteers delivered a Wellbeing Pack to every home in the village. We had some left, so put it out on our social media pages that if anyone who was struggling would like a mental health bag, we could deliver one to them. The response was great. We were incredibly happy with this project and that we could help at a time that can be and is a bit scary.

We have some fun projects in the pipeline for when we can get back out there safely. We have noticed that many kids under 18 years of age do not have very many services available to them. For the services that are available, there is a long waiting list to get an appointment. We here at Lamentally Sound CIC want to try and find a way to help as many people as we can and remove the stigma of mental ill health.

Donna Smith, Director/Chairperson at Lamentally Sound CIC