High Street Decline Can Be Tackled by Supporting Community Business

Posted: 11 April 2018, in Press Release

High street decline can be tackled by supporting community business

The trend of high street shop closures has increased in Scotland, according to a new report from PwC and The Local Data Company.

Responding to the news, Duncan Thorp of Social Enterprise Scotland said:

“High streets in our towns and cities are being transformed by changes in consumer habits, new technologies and corporate out-of-town development.

“However, many local communities in urban and rural Scotland are tackling these challenges head on and finding genuine, long-term solutions.

“From community-led regeneration, to development trusts, social housing, community owned land, food co-operatives, renewable energy and Business Improvement Districts, there is much to celebrate.

“The way forward is to boost investment in local social enterprise development and help communities drive forward their own regeneration – learning directly from those parts of Scotland that are doing well.”



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