How sustainable corporate gifts from a social enterprise are changing the world

Posted: 20 June 2022, in Blog-News

Social Stories Club is a gifting company on a mission – to provide sustainable gifts which spread joy to those who receive them. We support a range of social enterprises by including their products, which support different social causes, inside our gift boxes.

In each gift, you could be supporting a range of social ventures, helping to support their causes and create a positive social impact. From supporting reforestation efforts with a bar of chocolate to providing education for girls is farming regions with earl grey tea.

Storytelling is at the forefront of what we do – we show our customers the impact they are creating and the inspiring stories of the social enterprises in our gifts. Good stories have enormous power to catalyse people to get behind a cause, provide hope in a new vision for the future, and transform core belief systems. Our gifts connect the world with the stories behind social enterprises demonstrating that there is a better way to do business and a new world is being created one social enterprise at a time.

Businesses are taking the lead in solving some of the world’s biggest challenges, and the stories prove this. Stories unite people from all backgrounds, including children, in a world with increased anxiety about the future. By gifting a Social Stories Club gift hamper, you are providing an opportunity for the receiver to take social change into their own hands while starting and supporting social enterprises like Social Stories Club.

Since our last blog with Social Enterprise Scotland, we have new updates! Social Stories Club has grown our team, our social impact, and we have won awards! Over Christmas 2021, our team grew to 13 people to support us with the busy Christmas rush. The experience was a fantastic opportunity to provide training and employment for people with barriers to employment. We aim to do similar for Christmas 2022 and provide people with a valuable experience and allow them to help create a positive social impact.

As Social Stories Club has grown, we have introduced over one million people to the world of social enterprise! Through our gifts to individuals, corporates, teams and more we have worked with small and large companies, helping introduce them to social enterprises, showing the value of a sustainable gift and how choosing gifts that create a positive impact is truly a rewarding, unique, memorable experience.

Since the last blog with Social Enterprise Scotland, our social impact has grown and only continues to grow. To date, with the gifts our customers have bought, we have:

  • Invested over £350,000 in the social enterprise economy
  • Provided 3,500 hours of employment training to people with barriers to employment
  • Planted over 1,100 trees
  • Continue to support 12 out of 17 of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals
  • 17,000 km2 of forest protected
  • 42,000 kgs of CO2 offset

You can read our Impact Report page to discover more information on how we have achieved this.

Social Stories Club’s impact in numbers, June 2022.

In more exciting updates, we have also become an award-winning social enterprise. Last year, we won STV’s Growth Fund Award and featured in not one but two TV adverts with them! We were also recognised and won the Scottish Edge Award for Social Enterprise – this was a rewarding experience. The investment we gained truly means the world to Social Stories Club and our co-founders, Karis and Aayush.

Karis and Aayush accepting Social Stories Club’s Scottish Edge award for Social Enterprise, 2021.

As we gear up for Social Stories Club’s fourth birthday, reflecting over the years, we cannot wait to see our positive social impact grow. Each order contributes to helping make the world a better place – and we would not have it any other way. We are excited for the future, to support more of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, expand our team, introduce more to the world of social enterprise and create even more positive social impact!

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