Humza Yousaf MSP discovers local social enterprise innovation

Posted: 30 November 2022, in Press Release

MSP for Glasgow Pollock, Humza Yousaf, has been discovering the ground-breaking work of local social enterprises, with a visit to 12 Guitars in Govan.

Humza Yousaf was welcomed by Steve Plummer and Ken Morton of 12 Guitars plus two beneficiaries of the social enterprise and Duncan Thorp of Social Enterprise Scotland, which champions and supports the social enterprise community.

12 Guitars is a Social Enterprise formed in April 2019 in Glasgow by Gerry Thorogood and Steve Plummer. They provide guitars, equipment and access to tuition and support, free at the point of use to ensure that guitar playing is accessible to all young people, with a wide range of positive outcomes.

In July this year, Social Enterprise Scotland was chosen by the Scottish Government to represent social enterprises in Scotland with one clear voice. The independent and membership-led organisation supports and promotes the rich and diverse social enterprise sector across the country, helping them to maximise their social and economic contribution to Scotland. It follows on from the Scottish Government’s Social Enterprise Action Plan 2021-24, which commits to place social enterprise at the forefront of ethical and socially responsible business in Scotland. It includes investment, building capacity and supporting social enterprises to flourish – as well as creating the SEI.

Humza Yousaf MSP said: “What a pleasure it was to visit 12 Guitars at their office in Govan to hear about their projects supporting young and vulnerable people to access instruments and music lessons. It is a testament to their passion for the well-being benefits of music that they have managed to develop such a wide reach and support so many people since they first established in 2019. I am grateful to their volunteers for the tremendous work they do and look forward to supporting them to help make connections with funders and other community members in the future.”

Duncan Thorp, Policy Manager of Social Enterprise Scotland said: “We’re always keen to ensure that MSPs can directly connect with their local social entrepreneurs. This is how MSPs get to really appreciate the powerful human and economic impacts of social enterprise businesses in every part of Scotland.”

Steve Plummer of 12 Guitars said: “12 Guitars had the pleasure of welcoming Humza Yousaf MSP to our Harmony Row Head Quarters in Govan. It was great to be able to explain how we make guitar playing accessible to any who want it and the variety of mental health and emotional health benefits of playing guitar and music in general. Humza was keen to support our work offering many ideas and avenues to explore. It was so good to see an MSP taking not just an interest but an active role in helping 12 Guitars deliver what we do. A final massive thank you to our friends and partners at Social Enterprise Scotland for setting this all up and playing such an active role in our continued development.”



1 Social Enterprise Scotland is an independent, membership-led organisation and is the voice of social enterprise in Scotland. For more information, please visit

2 See more about 12 Guitars here: