John Swinney appointed as Scotland’s New First Minister 

Posted: 07 May 2024, in Press Release

Social Enterprise Scotland is delighted to welcome John Swinney as the new First Minister of Scotland.  This appointment marks a significant step forward in the country’s journey towards increased social and economic equality, sustainability, and the support of enterprises that are pivotal in driving positive social and environmental change. 

John Swinney, formerly Deputy First Minister and a dedicated public servant with a wealth of experience in Scottish politics, steps into his new role with a strong background in championing policies that promote fairness and community development. His leadership arrives at a critical time when Scotland is positioning itself as a global leader in social enterprise and innovation. 

As a committed advocate for social justice and economic development, Mr. Swinney’s vision aligns closely with the objectives of Social Enterprise Scotland.  Through his tenure we have seen transformative policies that have benefited numerous social enterprises, enabling them to thrive and contribute more effectively to their communities. 

Chris Martin, Chief Executive Officer at Social Enterprise Scotland said: “We thank Mr Swinney for his time as Convenor of the Social Enterprise Cross Party Group and look forward to working with him to help deliver an inclusive economy for Scotland.  We believe his understanding of the social enterprise landscape make him the ideal leader to navigate Scotland through the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.

“We are excited to work under his leadership, confident in his commitment to sustainability and social equality.  His role as First Minister is anticipated to further strengthen the support for innovative social business models that prioritise people and planet.” 

Under Mr. Swinney’s leadership, Social Enterprise Scotland looks forward to engaging with the government to deepen the impact of social enterprises across the nation. His approach to governance, characterised by inclusivity and a readiness to address the pressing issues of our time, such as climate change and eradicating child poverty, resonates with our mission to foster a robust social enterprise sector.  We are committed to collaborating closely with Mr. Swinney and his team to ensure that social enterprises continue to play a vital role in Scotland’s economic landscape.  Through innovation, dedication, and a shared vision of a resilient economy built on equity and sustainability, we are poised to enter a new era of social entrepreneurship under Scotland’s new First Minister. 



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