Major Social Enterprise Mapping Research Launched for Scotland

Posted: 30 October 2013, in Sector News

You may have heard that a major piece of research has been commissioned by the BIG Lottery Fund to map and measure social enterprises in Scotland.

We strongly support any work that seeks to quantify the scale and scope of our community, as we seek to influence key decision-makers in government and parliament and within local authorities, as well as raise the public and media profile of social enterprise.

We therefore ask all social enterprises in Scotland to read the email below and please respond to the survey as soon as you can. There has been some significant work done at a local level in terms of mapping but this is the first time that we have ever had a Scotland-wide exercise and we’d very much like to see robust and comprehensive research, with all social enterprises across the country having the opportunity to take part.

Please do forward this on to any social enterprise contacts in Scotland.

Further to recent enquiries please note that this is not Social Enterprise Scotland research, we are simply helping to share the information.


Dear Sir/Madam,

On behalf of the BIG Lottery Fund, I am writing to ask for your collaboration in some important research.

We, at the BIG Lottery Fund, have commissioned Ekos Ltd. to research third sector organisations that are actively trading and delivering contracted services  in local authority areas. This research is important to us as it will help us build a map of this sort of  activity across the whole of Scotland. We would like this study to be comprehensive and based on your experience.

The researchers are now at a stage where they need your input and I would be very much obliged if you would take some time to fill in our online questionnaire. Just click on the following hyperlink and the survey will open and be ready for your inputs:

The questionnaire will take approximately 30 minutes. All respondents to the survey will have a choice to be entered into a prize draw to win a new Apple iPad

In case you have data protection concerns, I can assure you that Ekos are bound by data protection regulations and will not use any data you provide for any purpose other than for this research. Data will only be used in aggregate form in the mapping study so no individual organisation will be identifiable at all.

As I say, we very much hope that you will be happy to collaborate with us on what we consider to be an important piece of research not just for the Big Lottery Fund, but for the whole of Scotland.

If you have any concerns about any aspect of the research whatsoever then please do not hesitate to contact Mick McCart at EKOS Limited on 0141-3531994 ( ).

Should you have received this email already, please only fill in the questionnaire once.

Thank you in anticipation of your help.

Eric Samuel,

Senior Policy and Learning Manager,

Big Lottery Fund,

Fourth Floor,

1 Atlantic Quay,

Robertson Street,


G2 8JB.