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AAI is an award-winning social enterprise that supports the private, public and third sectors to access talent of all ages, skillsets and backgrounds. It also helps businesses to better attract and retain diversity.


AAI has been a highly respected name for 13 years now, offering tried, tested and flexible inclusive recruitment services from ad hoc, short-term projects, including internships, short-term placements and maternity leave, to permanent positions.  It has worked with over 1100+ businesses and organisations of all sizes, including Scottish Government, the NHS, Phoenix, Citi Group and an array of SMEs, startups and charities. 

AAI also offers advice, training and bespoke projects on diversity and inclusion. It uses its surplus to support disadvantaged people and marginalised groups struggling to enter the workforce.

Diverse teams lead to:
  • Enhanced Productivity 
  • Improved Profitability
  • Increased Employee Retention 
  • Improved Candidate Attraction 
  • Greater Innovation
AAI EmployAbility is an award-winning social enterprise, specialising in helping businesses to better attract and retain diversity because this is where the real magic happens.
We work with businesses of all shapes and sizes to enhance their knowledge on:
  • how to recruit more diversity to the workplace 
  • how to retain staff
  • how to enhance inclusion practices
We offer cross-sector employers bespoke, non-traditional services, including:
   A. diversity, equity and inclusion awareness workshops (including: reframing biases, racism,   inclusive recruitment and retention)
   B. CSR projects (based on your values and local communities)
When you work with us you contribute to our noble cause. Every penny of surplus helps improve equality in the workplace. With 13 years of experience, we know what we’re doing. Our goal is to bring the human touch to hiring and kick bias to the curb.


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