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Education, training and employment - Health and social care - Information, consultancy and support

We are a practical, curious and optimistic Social Enterprise dedicated to helping you and your organisation #BeMoreHuman. We do this in 4 ways:

  • We can help you and your team learn, develop and grow. 
  • We help you design, write, change and implement digital first, in-person and hybrid programs and services. 
  • We conduct research helping you to evidence your work, and tell your story. 
  • We work alongside you on a personal and team level as a coach, facilitator and consultant to navigate challenging times, review existing work or plan the next step!      

We obsess over evidence-backed innovations in Human Behaviour, Social and Positive Psychology, Person-Centred Regenerative Leadership and a range of other Human Relations areas of study. We figure out how these ideas can advance your aims and purpose and make it easy for you to put these ideas into practice.  

With the rise of technology, tough political and social times, huge changes in work and scarcity of resources we believe the one thing we can all do to improve our future is to Be More Human.   


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19/3 McDonald Road , Edinburgh , EH7 4LX, Edinburgh, City of, United Kingdom