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Our vision : Mens sana in corpore sano.

"a healthy mind in a healthy body" (Satires of Juvenal (ad c.60–c.130) 

Benessere Care & Fitness is a wellness service that provides high-quality professional coaching service which serves the needs and interests of people in all aspects of their life with guidance and direction through life's challenges such as complex relationships, work conflicts, loss of motivation and mental health issues.

Our individually tailored programmes are focused solely on the client's requirements, centred on the person's wellbeing, abilities and aspirations. My name is Osvaldo (known better as Ozzy). I have spent several years working as a rehabilitation Instructor within the national health service within Occupational Therapy. During this time, I have supported people with varied medical conditions, primarily mental health and individuals with physical limitations who have difficulty carrying out everyday activities.

 I am a qualified Chartered Senior Activity & Health Practitioner (CIMSPA registered and accredited  Number-R0163017 and Wellness coach. 

I am trained in Life Coaching and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and registered with ACCPH accredited coaches and therapists ( Registration Number 00001734).

I aim to help my clients overcome barriers, achieve goals, regain motivation and reframe from negative thinking, all this with absolute dignity, respect, honesty, confidentiality and accountability.

I firmly believe that the route to achieving a goal is to empower the people to choose their own. I encourage and support clients, no matter their level of physical and mental health fitness, to look beyond their limits to help them thrive and achieve their best.

Sessions available include :

1:1 life coaching sessions 

Group Coaching sessions

1:1 or group Nutrition consultation and practical skills advice.

Walk and Talk and social cycling sessions. 

Online -video call -phone call consultations are available.

"Search deep into your mind, and there is an unlimited source of strength; it is all within yourself and the way you think."


Phone number:
Email address:

Head office:
4 Castledyke road , Carstairs, ML11 8SU, South Lanarkshire, United Kingdom

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