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Better Than B4 : That’s What We Aim For

Community centres and halls

We are all products of our environment & our main aim is to change the game for our children, to build them a better future than our parents could for us. 

At the moment, we are all out of work or on benefits, with all of us being parents or carers. We realise that by combining our skills, talents and time that we can do better than before.

Our business model will operate under shared ownership & community management, with each board member being responsible for multiple divisions within the business. As well as creating employment opportunities, it also promotes community bonding as each sector works in synchronisation to deliver an excellent standard of service whilst upholding our community values and principles.

We chose to take on the wedding industry as our business. There are several ways we plan on incorporating other community groups, small business owners and volunteers. When you consider how many components there are to a wedding, you’ll have a clearer picture of the scale of our planned operation.

Weddings were once a community affair, with each household contributing something for the big day or to help the happy couple begin their new life together. With an array of traditional craft-based workshops, we aim to bring community spirit back into weddings, whilst reducing costs & the impact on the environment. 

Workshops such as woodwork, kilt making, permaculture, floristry, catering, photography & stationary crafts, to name a few, can be incorporated into each wedding using sustainable, reusable or recycled materials. All wedding goers will be welcome to create their own personalised items for their weddings (which can then be repurposed again and again), with as little or as much involvement as they like.

Now, let’s consider the environmental impact of a wedding. It may not seem like much for only one day, though 2019 seen 26,000 Scottish weddings. That’s 26,000 orders, deliveries, travelling to appointments, fittings, tastings, rehearsals, entertainment auditions and so on. That’s 26,000 sets of decorations too. There are a number of ways we can reduce all of this by having everything you’d need in one place, organised by a team of community members dedicated to running an eco-friendly service tailored to the customers specific needs and wants.

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