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Cill Mhearnaig Early Learning and Childcare was incorporated as a Community Interest Company in October 2018 


Cill Mhearnaig Early Learning and Childcare will be an Early Year’s service that provides a stimulating educational setting in a place that families can feel is part of their own home. 


Welfare Reforms being instigated through both UK and Scottish Governments have serious implications for many of our most vulnerable residents and families. The impact of these reforms and the rising cost of living present a number of challenges, including an increase in demand for a range of services for vulnerable children, families and adults.


Cill Mhearnaig Early Learning and Childcare will be located within the Centrestage Hub called ‘The Village’ that in connection with East Ayrshire Council, NHS and other local agencies provides a central point for families within the Kilmarnock area to access all the support they may require for their family.


Our part within the hub will be to provide the child care facilities and the new 1140 hours provision that will offer enhanced flexibility to local families. Our partnership with East Ayrshire Council to deliver the new service, affords us the opportunity to create a business model that is sustainable and efficient in ensuring that we meet high standards in all areas of education, care and community inclusion. 


Quality staffing within our Early Years provision will be an upmost priority to enable our visions to be true and effective. We will breathe passion, commitment and character into everything we do to ensure that all families are included and valued. We will provide our young people with confidence, skills and knowledge within a setting that puts them at the heart of our service and delivers an outstanding level of care in a stimulating environment.


We will focus on our strengths and resources to ensure that equity is maintained for all children and families. We will provide a much-needed flexible childcare model that will provide all families, especially the disadvantaged, with the support they require. Our aim is that all children, regardless of gender, ethnic origin or family background, are able to achieve their full potential. 


We will support and extend the learning process begun in the home, through the provision of a stimulating, well-resourced, well-organised environment, which enables each child to develop physically, socially, linguistically, emotionally, intellectually, and spiritually.


We will work in partnership with One Parent Families Scotland and Flexible Childcare Scotland to ensure that no family is left behind. As well as 1140 hours a year of fully funded child care for 3- and 4 year olds, we will also be providing 1140 hours of funded Early Education and childcare for qualifying 2 year olds. 


The nursery will also have a diverse workforce that provides children with a more accurate reflection of the gender mix of their community and the world around them. In a society where there are increasing numbers of single parent households, many children may not have a male figure in their lives. In these instances, Male Early Years Practitioners can provide the experience of a male role model.


Our nursery will be one of the first operating nursery in Scotland with a gender balanced work force that will support the individual needs of pupils, irrespective of gender, race, cultural background or special needs.


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15 Elmbank Drive, Kilmarnock, KA1 3BS, East Ayrshire, United Kingdom

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