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Health and social care

Welcome to Compassionate Accompaniment CIC, a not for profit social enterprise. We are helping people to live with more compassion and kindness in themselves and their relationships. Whether we are experiencing isolation, anxiety, grief, loss, exhaustion, chronic illness, cancer, dying...we are connected and can find support. We offer 1:1 Compassionate Companion and group sessions for:

  • self care/well being
  • grief and loss
  • end of life accompaniment

Compassionate Companion sessions can help you to create compassionate care practices that you can use daily. More and more studies are showing that compassionate care is hugely beneficial to our well being and can help to prevent illness and alleviate chronic health conditions. Compassionate Companion sessions can help bring kindness and gentleness to the relationship you have with yourself as well as relationships with others in your life.

Being with animals and spending time in nature has also become a growing part of our work. Animals can be like bridges that help humans to re-connect to themselves and the world around them. More and more research is showing how animals and natural environments can assist us with calming our nervous systems, relieving depression and anxiety, and bringing a sense of connection and compassion with ourselves and other beings.


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54 Craigseaton, Broxburn, EH52 6BD, West Lothian, United Kingdom

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