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The Dockyard Social CIC / Section 33 LMT is an award winning Street Food, Community Hub in the heart of the West End of Glasgow. We are are start up for start up's and are helping entrepreneurs to get a food hold on starting there own businesses in the ever growing hospitality sector. This is the profitable part of the business which has allowed us to get to a point we can start focusing on the charitable part of the business plan and reach our ambitious goal of helping to put people back into work and help the homeless and poverty stricken, whilst trying to help combat the massive skill shortage in the hospitality industry. Stage two of our plan is to open The Dockyard Social Cook School. The company's activities will provide benefit to ... - The homeless and less privileged members of society. - The under skilled sector who want to start a job or even their own business. - Poverty stricken homes, we will hold free classes to teach people on low or no incomes how to cook nutritious foods on a low income. Help stem the obesity issues from eating cheap meals. They will also have access to our supply chain and will be able to buy food in bulk much cheaper than they can from the shops so they can cook affordable fresh nutritious food at home. - Be a hub for people who are struggling to come together and feel that they belong to something. - People who want to gain the skills to get a job and get back to work. - Up and coming small one-person operations who need a premises to get started and grow into small business with our guidance and shared expertise. - People who can't afford food, clothing and the basics for a better way of living. Run regular soup kitchens using the left over food from our suppliers which they will donate for free to us we can turn into soup and other products. We ran one last year which was a great success and look to do more in the future. These are just a few of the ideas and things we will do in the future once the cook school is built. The four partners who started this business are leaders in the Hospitality industry and want to give back to communities which have helped us along in our careers.


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95-107 Haugh Road, Glasgow, G3 8TY, United Kingdom

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