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Isle Develop CIC grew out of the Covid-19 crisis. It began with - a business directory for small businesses in the Scottish islands. Then it became an online marketplace supporting small businesses to get online and sell, as well as promoting and driving traffic to them in the absence of tourists. Then, an off-shoot called appeared which helped food producers in Tiree sell online - helping them sell safely and easily to visitors as we opened up.

As Covid19 continued, it crystalised for many of us the risks of relying too heavily on tourism in the islands. It showed the need to keep striving for innovation and diversity. To ensure that our island communities are not only resilient – but have strong, healthy economies.

So - Isle Develop has been created as a home for the original projects which inspired it, and to help test new ideas and concepts fast. 

We are a Community Interest Company, and all profits will go back into new projects and supporting small businesses in the Scottish islands. 

In short - Isle Develop CIC exists to help build innovative profitable island businesses which trade confidently year-round, so that young people and families can make a good living – keeping our island communities strong, vibrant, and resilient. 


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