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Arts and creative industries - Education, training and employment

JustaHub is designed by and for creators to become a platform of shared resources (equipment - spaces - tools), knowledge and skills.

JustaHub offers a place for work and production - studios and exhibition space (‘virtual’ ‘real’) Through relocalisation and the open approach of JustaHub we aim to allow people to engage with creative practices in a way in which they can feel the benefit in their everyday lives.      JustaHub is a collective project that offers common resources for creatives to produce and showcase professionally their ‘work together’.        JustaHub teaches the relevance of our practices when combined by designing common activities (events - workshops) - to learn how to be ‘stronger together’ by working together.  JustaHub hopes to support the local and global economical development of artistic and creative practices through a better use and purpose of ‘shared’ online platforms for e-commerce built for a common purpose towards sustainability.

JustaHub is a viable team that takes into account the immediate social, economic and geographic environment in which the project takes root (Africa - Scotland - France).

‘Reality’ is our main tool to evaluate the local, continental and intercontinental economic market in which creators work. 

‘Reality’ is our main tool to create activities tuned into the the needs and hopes of the local area and its people.

JustaHub creates activities  - training programmes where young and senior artists can benefit from collaborating together in co/designed creative projects - to encourage transmission as a tool for building a solid and ‘wise’ common future for our common culture.
JustaHub creates economic viability for artists and creators locally and internationally - articulating its projects to build educational and cultural programmes for the future - with Patrick Geddes's - mantra 'think global - act local'.

By combining resources and skills, JustaHub makes sense through its 'production' - it is by doing it and making the creators 'together' - their collaboration (the weaving of their practices) - in studios and spaces designed for their practices - allied to common 'virtual' or 'real' dissemination platforms - that the path to an economically and socially viable future will be possible.

JustaHub has been designed as a piece of open-system infrastructure for creatives, utilising an incomplete form, which allows it to: 

“change or adapt and new pieces can be assembled by responding to people’s interactions [...] and the diverse activities that take place within it.”

(Sendra, Designing Disorder, p59). 


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Unit 6 , Evanton Industrial Estate , Dingwall , IV16 9XJ, Highland, United Kingdom

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