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Recent research published by the University of Edinburgh shows that bilingual adults on average can postpone the effects of dementia up to 5 years later than monolinguists. In addition to this, language learning increases our decision making skills, multitasking skills and heightens are ability to concentrate and communicate. Consequently, we have implemented the world's first foreign language outreach enterprise empowering adults through the knowledge of foreign languages. Correlational studies link physical and mental activity to better cognitive performance for older adults regardless if they are living with or without Alzheimer's. These studies demonstrate a measurable cognitive improvement following mental training with larger effects in those who learn a "novel, cognitively demanding activity" than in those doing less taxing, familiar activities. It is for these reasons that our classes are challenging but accessible using language learning as a type of social cognitive therapy or a "workout for the mind" as we like to call it. We incorporate memory tips, music, songs and even cooking sessions to tailor our language lessons to fit different learning styles.


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