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Firmly rooted in our collective drive to give access to the creative arts, little living room exists for the people it was built to help. Working-class and underserved communities stuck in cycles of poverty need creative arts, not as a solution but as a tool for individual self-expression. We will democratise arts access and sharing.

Publications are what we are known for. A quarterly art book featuring a majority of otherwise unpublished creatives is our bedrock of building creative confidence. Mixing the art of those part-time, untrained, beautifully talented individuals with the professional and approachable graphic design of our team makes the quarterly mag, our special editions, and minizines the bread and butter of what we do.

The creative collective is where individual artists and creatives shine, and where the public can access, experience, and purchase their art. Accessible to all, the collective looks to build creativity, confidence, and independence by helping creatives design portfolios, access training and experience to hone skills, and learn soft skills key to further employability in any industry. We guarantee one-to-one support for our collective members.

Workshops run by our collective collaborators, third parties, and by employees of little living room are the way we build on community wellbeing. Our workshops focus on four key areas: hard skills relevant to creative technique, cognitive and creative exploration, soft skills needed for employability, and straightforward educational how-tos.

In everything little living room does, we show our values: creativity, confidence, independence, and community wellbeing.


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