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Mannheim Foundation is a non-profit public benefit foundation and registered Social Enterprise in Scotland. Our core mission is raising capital on an institutional scale to fund projects for public benefit. We do this either through donating to eligible beneficiaries sustainably over the long-term, or by making investments. All surplus profits from investments are recycled back into charitable or public benefit projects.  We are committed to Scottish Government Fair Work First policy and the prevention of Modern Slavery.

With ground-breaking expertise developed over 30 years, we are a challenger to conventional funding models.  With options for debt-forgiveness or roll-over, whilst still repaying investor principal, we believe our project finance model is exceptionally powerful and the cost of funding is unbeatable.

We also provide community business support advisory services, from start-up to growth, and making businesses as well as charities investor-ready.


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100 West George Street, Glasgow, G2 1PP, Glasgow City, United Kingdom