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Relieve poverty of the inhabitants in the Highlands of Scotland, in particular those who have need by virtue of their youth, age, infirmity, disability, poverty, homelessness or unemployment by the provision of information and support to persons who require assistance in establishing a tenancy. - relieve the suffering and distress of people who are homeless, formerly homeless, in conditions of need, hardship or distress by undertaking other charitable activities to offer practical and therapeutic support to the aforesaid persons. - advance the education of the community in relation to the housing needs of such people and related subjects. - preserve and protect the environment for the public benefit by educating the public in the benefits to the environment of sustainable waste management practices and thereby reduce the amount of material going to landfill by recycling and refurbishing goods that could be re-used (in this clause sustainable waste management practices includes waste minimisation, minimisation of pollution and harm from waste, re-use of waste and waste recovery activities). - advance the education of such individuals through the provision of training and employment opportunities


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