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Pineapple Innovation specialises in working with the high street as well as online stores. Our company aims to fuel shops with new waves of growth and support them to make any necessary change to ensure their development.

We understand how treasured and important is every one of your customers and how important it is to make them feel special. 

It is crucial for your customers to have a great experience so they have a reason to return to your store.

From new market gap spotting to re-evaluating resources used on a daily basis, up to customer journey development – we’ve got you covered. 

The business world is continually changing and developing while new products, services and stores are entering the market every minute. Online stores nowadays are popping up like mushrooms and consumers have so many products and substitutes to choose from. For new as well as for established businesses, it is a constant battle to keep their place in the market. 

To remain in the market companies need to add additional creativity. Now more than ever customer journey needs to be recreated to ensure your customers experience the WOW factor. 


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