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ProAptivity is a multi-faceted CRM software company with the expertise to consult, train and deliver in all things Customer Relationship Management.

At ProAptivity, our team of accredited CRM specialists focus on providing advice to help customers specify, select, install, and configure the right CRM solution for their organisation. We support organisations in tailoring their CRM deployment to fulfil their need. We have extensive experience working with business, social enterprises, charity organisations and educational institutions.

Once we help you get a clear understanding of your business requirements and priorities, we can support you with developing and implementing a robust CRM deployment. This is supported by our team training that helps digitally transform your operations for the better. 

CRM services can help you maximise the efficiency of your entire organisation. CRM solutions help organisations improve their marketing & stakeholder engagement, boost employee efficiency, organisational productivity and provide valuable business intelligence and insight. Our database management tools also aid organisational compliance in line with good governance practice.


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Pilot House, 6 Pilots View Heron Rd, Belfast, BT3 9LE, United Kingdom