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Re Make Up will benefit people with skin transformations that resulted from an accident, an offence, health condition or from birth. This includes, but not exclusively, people affected by scars originated by self harm, hair loss due to Alopecia or cancer, skin Burns, Stretch marks and who lost a breast to cancer (Breast Cancer). Re Make Up will approach Permanent Make Up as an allied Health solution, supporting people regaining their confidence and building their self-esteem. The ultimate goal of Re-Make would be to help users sustaining their pathway through aftercare, and to become an inspiration for other individuals in similar conditions, breaking the barriers that depression normally impose on them. Re Make Up has proudly secured a place on the 2016 Converge Challenge Final Top 8 for social enterprises, and we also have received support from Glasgow Caledonian University and Santander Entrepreneur Enabling Fund.


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93 Hope Street, Suite 226 - 228, Glasgow, G2 6LD, United Kingdom