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Recycle Mobility Centre is a social enterprise that deals in the sale of predominantly reconditioned mobility equipment to those who can least afford to buy new thus helping to reduce debt. our aim is to: - To improve people's quality of life by gaining access to affordable equipment and a repair service which would help to increase access to the local community, family and friends and to help them live independently, thus reducing isolation and loneliness. - Create employment and training opportunities that develop employability skills for the long term unemployed making them more employable and feel more hopeful about their future - To reduce waste to landfill - For young people who have been long term unemployed we aim to provide one year's employment with training available in Engineering: operational repairs in Assistive technology, Health and Safety at Work, and Customer servicing, offering them a work place experience that would assist them into employment.


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470 Dumbarton Road, Clydebank, G81 4DN, West Dunbartonshire, United Kingdom

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