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A new social enterprise & charity in Scotland, aimed at tackling the problems of social exclusion, redundancy, loneliness and isolation. We will work with all genders, ages, races and religions, operating to ISO 9001 Quality Management standards, in compliance with all local laws and requirements. Our mission statement ……. 'to work in Scotland's communities, to overcome social exclusion in all its forms. With creative, innovative and responsive approaches, we bridge gaps in existing services with specialist teams, bringing highly specialised and targeted support to make change happen. This will result in helping individuals and communities to be stronger, more resilient and confident. We will sustain individuals in employment, accommodation, health and wellness and ultimately manage change to deliver successful lives.' Redux has the ability to offer information, advice and guidance across a broad spectrum of issues, ranging from employment support, to housing, to financial, health, wellness and education. Redux will provide experienced, motivated and professional staff to engage with the community to provide additional sign posting to service users in need of a wide range of service interventions. While there are currently similar agencies delivering similar services, it is our belief that at Redux, the distinguishing feature of our service is the level of community expertise that we offer and the ability to engage supports at very short notice.
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, United Kingdom