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ReTweed aims to advance learning, citizenship & community development particularly for the benefit of women who experience isolation and exclusion in Berwickshire. We deliver an innovative textiles upcycling programme incorporating 18 full day workshops over a 12 wk period where women come together and learn a wide range of techniques and skills in craft design and technology. We teach our students a range of craft, heritage, thrift sewing & upcycling skills underpinned by a clear environmental philosophy of promoting a reduce, reuse and recycle culture for the area. ReTweed also runs a range of events and workshops to demonstrate the innovation and creative potential of upcycling. More recently they have set-up a business hub where women are providing with wrap-around support to help them set-up and grow creative enterprises of their own.


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26 High Street, Eyemouth, TD14 5EU, Scottish Borders, United Kingdom

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