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Financial services - Information, consultancy and support

slikk7 is a social enterprise business solutions and systems consultancy working with 3rd Sector organisations and  Public Bodies

We are a pragmatic consultancy, offering hands on expertise and complete knowledge transfer back to the organisation. We provide consultancy designed to plan and deliver an organisation’s project, working closely with key internal and external stakeholders to ensure sustainable outcomes beyond project delivery. We deliver tools and models to enable our clients to up-skill and take forward future initiatives.

We believe that adopting best practice for our consultancy services ensures we can demonstrate value to our partner organisations.

We understand the challenges many charities face, Risk Management, Financial Management, Sustainability and Innovation. Our services are designed to offer charities tools, models and guidance on a strictly pro bono basis. 

We also recognise that some charities struggle to assign time to effectively meet those challenges. We provide a flexible and cost effective Financial Control as a Service, which means you only engage us when you need us.


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Head office:
Arcadia Business Centre, Miller Lane, Clydebank, G81 1UJ, West Dunbartonshire, United Kingdom

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