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The Social Value Lab is a 'think-and-do' tank; a hub for social sector research and action. We work across the UK and internationally - conducting research, gathering evidence, influencing policy, creating new social ventures, and supporting others to do the same. We were established as an innovative social purpose business; a partnership with the oldest and largest social enterprise agency in the UK. We are an ethical business that is about more-than-profit, with the majority of our financial surpluses reinvested in charitable services. We provide access to a pool of more than 40 specialist staff and associates, each offering complementary skills in social sector research, strategy and evaluation. Our clients include frontline non-profit organisations as well as those agencies that sit behind and support the frontline - national government, local public authorities, and social venture intermediaries, funders, and investors.


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Studio 222, South Block, 60 Osborne Street, Glasgow, G1 5QH, United Kingdom

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