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Our Story, the Vision of our social enterprise, WASaBED NOWaBAG

Recycling used bed linen into high quality handmade bags to help the environment.

Our Social Enterprise recycles retired bedlinen into sustainable handmade bespoke Beach Clean Bags.

We will reduce the amount of retired bedlinen going into landfill by bringing it into the circular economy and reusing it for environmental benefits. Retired bedlinen can be made into a range of products including our handmade Beach Clean Bags. Hotels and accommodation providers throw out hundreds of tonnes of old bed linen each year and our social enterprise aims to reduce the amount of this waste going to landfill.

The circular economy is one where old items are reused, for another purpose, before they need to be disposed. We intend to create rural jobs for sewers who can fabricate useful items from retired bedlinen. This will then create rural employment in Scotland. If those items (Beach Clean Bags) can be used for environmental good, this is our ideal.

We believe that the solution to plastic beach pollution is not plastic bags. Collect the beach rubbish in sustainably sourced washable bags which people can use to take litter they collect home. At home the plastic and other litter can be sorted and disposed of appropriately. We have noticed that people often gather the plastic into a large pile on the beach, in the hope that someone else will dispose of it. With our Beach Clean Bags, we hope to turn everyone into a Beach Clean Convert, pick up the plastic and take it home to dispose of it. Most beach pollution is plastic and can be safely picked up and placed into a canvas bag for disposal. If the Beach Clean Bags get wet or dirty they can be machine washed.

To summarise we intend to;

  • Reduce the amount of retired bedlinen going to landfill
  • Recycle retired bed linen into useful products like Beach Clean Bags
  • Create employment opportunities in rural Scotland
  • Encourage beach cleaning activities and plastic waste collection
  • Educate about the circular economy
  • Educate about plastic pollution on land and in our seas


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Oran Mara, 27 Melvaig, Gairloch, IV21 2EA, Highland, United Kingdom

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