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Education, training and employment
Our vision is to create a Scotland where people have a solid understanding of their personal finances and how to make financial decisions with confidence.  
We believe that education is the key to mitigating the risks around poor financial judgement, reducing unplanned debts, and encouraging saving for the future, no matter how big or small a person’s income is. 

Our courses cover subjects including –
  • bank accounts
  • income and understanding your pay slip  
  • every day expenses and value for money    
  • creating and maintaining your budget
  • needs v wants - living within your means
  • saving and pensions
  • big purchases 
  • debt and your credit history
  • fraud and scams
  • insurance
  • student finance
Our offering can be adapted to suit any age and covers the most basic concepts through to the more complicated monetary decisions.

We work flexibly, adapting from a classroom-based workshop to a youth work approach to ensure young people’s needs are met.  We also offer an ‘all’ or ‘pick & mix’ option when choosing which subjects would best meet our users needs.


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90 Burnside Crescent, Shotts, ML7 4JH, North Lanarkshire, United Kingdom