MorphFit Gentle Movement Project – Mental Health Awareness Week

Posted: 15 May 2024, in Case Study-News

What does your social enterprise do?

The MorphFit Gentle Movement Project (MGMP) is a social enterprise which:

• Improves physical mental and emotional wellbeing.  

• Delivers activities that help overcome risks of poor health. 

• Reduces loneliness and isolation. 

• Encourages collaborative working across South Lanarkshire.  

Developed in response to COVID-19 our sessions are designed to meet the needs of vulnerable groups including those with acknowledged health conditions, the ageing population, those suffering isolation and loneliness and carers.  

As our name suggests movement forms a core part of our delivery, our light to moderate exercise programme is predominantly cantered around chair-based activity. Classes afford participants a physical and social stimulus and offer a wide range of health benefits. We have also extended our offerings to include a series of workshops which further promote community, health, and wellbeing. In addition to our exercise sessions, we now offer activities such as support with nutrition, information on eating healthily on a budget, mindfulness, arts and crafts, conversations about health and games.  

We provide onsite and online services in both funded and commercial capacities.  

We boast strong working partnerships with local health and social care authorities and third sector organisations.  

Described as a lifeline by many, our goal is to ensure that a healthy and happy life is attainable and accessible for all. 

Being active is important for our mental health.  How does your social enterprise meet the theme of Mental Health Awareness Week – “Movement: Moving more for our mental health”. 

Movement forms the core of our activity, we provide sessions that are accessible for everyone, including more vulnerable and isolated groups.  

Outcomes of our programmes include:  

  • Bringing together the local community, fostering social connections, and reducing isolation. 
  • Developing meaningful relationships regardless of age, status, circumstance, or identity. 
  • Providing an open to all, a safe, welcoming, and non-stigmatising environment. 
  • Practical and emotional support helping to empower, build confidence and independence. 
  • Increase learning, physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing. 
  • Reduce isolation and loneliness. 
  • Provide a holistic approach to early intervention. 

Please give us some examples of your impact

“It has made a difference in my ability to go out physically & mentally.” – Henry 

“ We have used this several times as a resource for patients who would have otherwise struggled back to activity. The comments from these patients are very positive. A valuable local resource to have. Easy referral process and quick turnaround in being given an appointment.” – Wellhall Medical Centre 

“The Morphit Gentle Movement Project brings people together in a supportive, no stress environment”. – Eileen  

“A big thank you from us all at the Bield! We have all felt the benefit of your visits with your gentle exercise classes at our retirement complex and look forward to every week”. – Lindsey  

“The Morphfit Gentle Movement class has been incredibly important in helping me regain fitness, during and after treatment for Breast Cancer” Allison 

“ MorphFit – Absolutely life changing for people with a debilitating illness – welcoming, professional, caring”. –Linda