On Being Resolute

Posted: 06 February 2012, in Blog

On Being Resolute

At the start of a New Year when the economy is in trouble and folk are fearful about their and their family’s future what should social entrepreneurs actually do to help?

Here is an idea – resolve to help each other. Co-operate and collaborate.

I firmly believe that if every social enterprise in the country resolved to do business with another social enterprise at least once, then our sector would be more entrepreneurial, connected, effective and most crucially, achieve the many social missions that folk hold dear.

So how to do this?

  1. Pass a motion at your Board and AGMs to hold management to account on this. Demand action and evidence of outcomes.
  2. Join a local social enterprise network with the express purpose of arranging to do business with a like-minded organisation.
  3. If you hold planning sessions in your organisation create a strategic goal for developing a social enterprise business partnership.
  4. Review how many private sector or consultancy contracts/services you used last year and resolve to place at least one of those with a social enterprise provider this year.
  5. Think of the young folk in your community who are without work. Host a meeting with as many stakeholders you can think of and come up with a plan to employ one person. This can be a placement, part time, full time, short lived, permanent etc – but resolve to do something.
  6. Think Global. Use the power of the web to look at what other social entrepreneurs with a mission similar to your own are up to. Contact them, start a dialogue and if you can afford it, arrange to meet. In any event, this will expand your horizons and stimulate those creative juices.
  7. Make a list of free resources that some of our heroes and heroines never had and come up with a way of using them to your advantage. These include: FaceBook, Twitter, Kindle Direct Self-Publishing, WordPress.org, Blogger.com. Just imagine what your favourite social innovator, entrepreneur or pioneer could have achieved with these tools. Go on surprise yourself and have a go and resolve to do something good this year.

All the best to you and yours in 2012.


NOTE: This blog does not necessarily reflect the views of Social Enterprise Scotland or endorse any political position.