Raising awareness for endangered species through gamification

Posted: 04 May 2021, in News

Extincts CIC is an educational games and sustainable clothing company created in 2018 by us, a Scottish husband and wife team, who see the world as one big community. We believe that everything that we humans do has an effect on others whether we are aware of it or not. We are concerned about endangered species and the amount of animals being wiped out because we are cutting down the forests, mining natural resources and generally exploiting nature. We are overworking and underpaying our planet. Due to this, we are out of balance with nature and at risk of causing severe damage to our environment and ourselves.

This is why we set up our social enterprise, which exists to mobilise the next generation of animal protectors. Our digital collectibles game teaches kids about endangered animals and their habitats, and our ethical clothing range aims to raise awareness of a sustainable, circular supply chain. Our profits go to conservation charities which deliver frontline protection to our world’s precious species.

Why develop an educational game? Because we think gaming is the gateway to education that sticks. Through educational, digital experiences, Extincts CIC aims to bring awareness to current environmental crises and inspire interest in protecting endangered species.

The ‘Extincts’ app, available on Apple and Android, is an educational game for smartphones and tablets. Through playing it, kids can learn about some of the weird and wonderful creatures that share our planet, and which ones are endangered species. Like with an old-fashioned sticker book, players collect digital DNA (artefact cards) which have information about currently endangered animals. It is built with kids’ safety and security in mind, to help to save the planet while maximising the educational aspect of screen time.

The app is free to download anywhere in the world and players get two packs of cards to start off their collection. There are 45 animals in the game and there are four artefact cards for each animal. As players build their digital collections and swap duplicates with real-world friends, they build empathy with these animals. Parents and carers can play along with their children and help grow each other’s collections while learning about endangered animals from all over the world.

We also develop sustainable clothing, which is made using only certified organic cotton with no toxic pesticides and free from genetic modification, in a renewable energy powered factory which is audited for a range of social and sustainability criteria. Our clothing is not tested on animals and does not contain any animal-derived products. It is printed in the UK with low-waste printing tech and all our products are made to be returned and recycled again and again.

Through our work, we are able to support conservation charities, to whom we donate 70% of the profits from our game and clothing range. We’d love for you to try the game and let us know what you think!

Gerry Grattan and Lynne Haddow, Founders of Extincts CIC