Reality Gap for First Time Buyers Exposes Broken Housing System

Posted: 19 February 2018, in Press Release



First time house buyers are paying more than £10,000 over the asking price on average to buy their home, according to new research.

The Scottish House Price Report from S1Homes demonstrates a “broken housing system”, according to Social Enterprise Scotland.

Duncan Thorp of Social Enterprise Scotland said: “Potential first time buyers are being forced to live permanently in the private rented sector – or face rapidly increasing financial barriers.

“This latest report is one of many that points to a broken housing system, one that continues a British obsession with mortgages.

“We can shift towards more realistic social enterprise alternatives, housing co-operatives such as Lister Housing, Edinburgh Student Housing or Drumchapel Housing Co-operatives.

“These models work as a practical and more sustainable alternative to the current crisis.”

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1 The Scottish House Price Report from S1Homes:

2 The story in The Herald – Reality gap for first-time buyers hits £10,000:

3 What is Social Enterprise? Social enterprise is a dynamic and inspiring way of doing business. Social enterprises are innovative, independent businesses that exist specifically for social and/or environmental purposes. Read more here.

4 What examples are there? Diverse examples include: The Big Issue, The Wise Group, Divine Chocolate, Kibble Education and Care Centre, Glasgow Housing Association, Isle of Eigg Heritage Trust, Link Group Ltd, the Eden Project in Cornwall, Capital Credit Union, The Grameen Foundation, Mondragon Corporation in the Basque Country and the Homeless World Cup.