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First Annual Survey of Scottish Social Enterprises 2014

Posted: 16 October 2014

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This was the first general, annual survey of social enterprises in Scotland, that aimed to provide a fuller picture of the views and experiences of social enterprises. The main focus was on current policy issues, identifying what social enterprises want and need to thrive, what they can do themselves and what others e.g. support bodies and government can do to help.

We see this survey as a start to the conversation. The purpose is to feed into and co-ordinate with other areas of policy work, such as the Cross-Party Group (CPG) on Social Enterprise, the recent Economy Committee evidence session in The Scottish Parliament and our work with local authority groups and other policy forums.

The final aim is to work with support and development bodies and social enterprises to ensure a better operating environment and the growth of more social enterprises across Scotland.

We’re happy to answer your questions on any aspect of the survey: duncan.thorp@socialenterprise.scot / 0131 243 2650.

A big thank you to the sponsors of the survey: Resilient Scotland, Social Investment Scotland, The Link Group Ltd and The Wise Group.