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Scottish political party manifesto commitments for social enterprise

Posted: 27 April 2015

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We’ve read the Scottish party manifestos so you don’t have to

Download our extracts from the main Scottish political party manifestos relevant to social enterprise.

Also read and share Building a Social Enterprise Nation – the manifesto for Scottish social enterprises. #VoteSocialEnterprise

We’ve summarised all the main Scottish political party manifestos for you, in terms of their support for social enterprise development. From support for social enterprises and SMEs, to tax, social investment, banking, a living wage, public sector reform and a diverse mix of other issues, the political parties have published a range of policies that are important to all Scottish social enterprises.

While Social Enterprise Scotland is politically neutral we urge supporters to read the manifesto policies in this document to inform their voting choices. Of course, as voters, we take a variety of other factors into account, such as additional policy areas we care about, the track record of (and how much we trust) the party to implement policies, plus knowledge about individual candidates.

Take a look at the policy commitments (in alphabetical order of political party) and keep informed about what practical policies may be implemented to benefit our social enterprise community.

Please feel free to share this document with any interested friends or colleagues!