Scotland’s New Social Enterprise Strategy Launched in Edinburgh

Posted: 14 December 2016, in Press Release


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Scotland’s new 10-year Social Enterprise Strategy was launched at the Grassmarket Community Project in Edinburgh today (Wed 14/12/16).

The new strategy sets out a clear vision to ensure that our social enterprise business community thrives and grows over the next decade and beyond.

It draws on key strands around stimulating social enterprise, developing stronger organisations and realising market opportunities.

The strategy was produced in partnership with Scotland’s social enterprise support and development bodies and The Scottish Government.

In a joint statement, Pauline Graham, CEO of Social Firms Scotland, Aidan Pia, Executive Director of Senscot and Fraser Kelly, Chief Executive, Social Enterprise Scotland, said:

“Scotland is a recognised world leader in social enterprise support and development. The journey towards the launch of this ambitious strategy has been both rewarding and challenging. Our social enterprise community, stretching across every area of urban and rural Scotland, is diverse. This new strategy sets out a clear, powerful and inclusive vision for the growth of social enterprise over the next decade and beyond.”

Brian Weaver, CEO of Highlands and Islands Social Enterprise Zone (HISEZ), said:

“Social enterprises are particularly common in our Highland and island communities. Social enterprises are crucial to the economy in this part of the world and we welcome the stability that will be provided by this strategy. We hope it will inspire and encourage a new surge in social entrepreneurship.”

Read the full strategy here
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1 What is Social Enterprise? Social enterprise is a dynamic and inspiring way of doing business. Social enterprises are innovative, independent businesses that exist specifically for social and/or environmental purposes. They aim to make a profit just like any private sector business. However, 100% of their profits or surpluses are always reinvested back into their social and/or environmental purpose. Read more here.

2 Read the full strategy document here.

3 Where can I see key statistics about social enterprise in Scotland? View the short infographic of key statistics here. The full report of Social Enterprise in Scotland: Census 2015 is here.