Scottish Social Enterprise Coalition Rebrands as Social Enterprise Scotland

Posted: 16 November 2011, in Press Release

Date: Wednesday 16 November 2011
Embargo: Immediate
Contact: Duncan Thorp 0131 243 2654 / 07501 221 581


Scottish Social Enterprise Coalition Rebrands as Social Enterprise Scotland

The Scottish Social Enterprise Coalition changed its name to Social Enterprise Scotland yesterday, after a unanimous vote in favour by social enterprise members of the organisation.

The change is intended to bring a new sense of clarity and purpose in fulfilling the mission of the umbrella body, as the voice of social enterprise.

The rebranding also aims to bring a new focus for policy makers, stakeholders, the public and media.

Laurie Russell, Chair of Social Enterprise Scotland, said: “We have a new name as Social Enterprise Scotland. We also have a new brand and logo, but more importantly social enterprises in Scotland have a new energy, commitment and focus. Our innovative social enterprises are delivering for the customers and communities we work with and can take a central role in the reform of public services.”

Social Enterprise Scotland is an independent Scottish organisation, built and controlled by grassroots social enterprises across the country.


Notes to Editors:

1. What is social enterprise? Social enterprises are businesses that trade specifically for social and/or environmental purposes. Social enterprises exist to make a profit just like any private sector business. However, instead of paying dividends to share holders, profits are reinvested into social and environmental purposes. Without making a profit, social enterprises cannot meet their objectives; they must trade, to be sustainable. The more profit made, the more can be invested in the purpose. This more-than-profit approach is used by, for example: Co-operatives and mutuals, Credit Unions, Housing Associations, Social Firms, Development Trusts and Community Interest Companies (CICs).

2. What is Social Enterprise Scotland? We are the national collective voice for social enterprise in Scotland. We bring together social enterprises and their supporters into a strong campaigning force for change, to represent the full range of social enterprises. We raise the profile of social enterprise as a dynamic business model, champion the values and benefits of social enterprise to a broad range of stakeholders and represent the needs and views of social enterprise to policy and decision-makers in Scotland. We are an independent and Scottish membership-led organisation. Membership is open to all social enterprises, their networks and intermediaries and supporters.