Scottish Social Enterprise Coalition Rebrands as Social Enterprise Scotland

Posted: 16 November 2011, in Press Release

The Scottish Social Enterprise Coalition changed its name to Social Enterprise Scotland yesterday, after a unanimous vote in favour by social enterprise members of the organisation.

The change is intended to bring a new sense of clarity and purpose in fulfilling the mission of the umbrella body, as the voice of social enterprise.

The rebranding also aims to bring a new focus for policy makers, stakeholders, the public and media.

Laurie Russell, Chair of Social Enterprise Scotland, said: “We have a new name as Social Enterprise Scotland. We also have a new brand and logo, but more importantly social enterprises in Scotland have a new energy, commitment and focus. Our innovative social enterprises are delivering for the customers and communities we work with and can take a central role in the reform of public services.”

Social Enterprise Scotland is an independent Scottish organisation, built and controlled by grassroots social enterprises across the country.