Seeing Is Believing Programme

Posted: 01 June 2012, in Sector News

Many MSPs already have strong relationships with social enterprises in their constituencies or regions and are in regular contact. We’re also pleased that increasing numbers of MSPs are actively engaged with the work of Social Enterprise Scotland and Scotland’s innovative social enterprise movement.

We’re keen for more MSPs to visit social enterprises in their areas and see what’s happening on the ground. No amount of policy bulletins or meetings can compare to seeing first-hand what these businesses with a social or environmental purpose are doing. That’s what Social Enterprise Scotland’s Seeing is Believing Programme is all about – direct engagement between elected members and social enterprises.

As summer recess approaches we’re aware that many MSPs will be in their constituencies meeting local organisations (as well as having a well-deserved holiday at some point!) so it’s the ideal time for visits to social enterprises.

When we talk about “social enterprise” we mean all those local community-based companies with a social and/or environmental purpose, including credit unions, housing associations, social firms, co-operatives and mutuals, community interest companies and development trusts.

Any interested elected members please get in contact today. I guarantee you’ll be impressed and surprised at much of the work that’s going on! It’s also a great opportunity in terms of local media, photo opps and profile raising. Get in contact at any time with questions or suggestions: