Serco Debacle Evidence Of "Cold Corporate Takeover" of Public Services

Posted: 01 August 2018, in Press Release

Serco debacle evidence of “cold corporate takeover” of public services, says Social Enterprise Scotland

UK Home Office contractor Serco is taking steps to evict failed asylum seekers in Glasgow and change the locks on their homes.

In response, Duncan Thorp, Spokesperson for Social Enterprise Scotland said:

“The latest Serco debacle is yet more evidence of the cold corporate takeover of our public services. Since the collapse of Carillion the government has done nothing to address the failed experiment of outsourcing.

“However, we shouldn’t turn the clock back to state-owned services. Independent social enterprises can fill the gap, rejecting both corporate greed and the dead hand of government.

“Monolithic corporations that place shareholder profits before human need can never deliver for people or planet. We need strong public services underpinned by compassion not by corporate cruelty.”



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