Social enterprise and the fair tax agenda

Posted: 07 June 2021, in News

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We’re so excited for Fair Tax Week 2021. Running from 5 to 13 June it’s the perfect opportunity to recognise the companies and organisations that promote responsible tax conduct.

You might not know it from reading the news, but there are a great many businesses, including co-operatives and social enterprises, who not only pay their taxes fairly, but are proud to do so. Those companies saying what they pay with pride do so for the benefit of all, and ensure a level playing-field for business.

And it’s not just business keen to rejoice during Fair Tax Week – our recent public polling shows that almost three quarters of the public (72%) think it’s important to celebrate those who can demonstrate that they pay the right amount of tax and who overtly shun the artificial use of tax havens and contrived tax avoidance practices.

Our polling data shows that the public also want to see more businesses being transparent about their taxes. It’s not surprising that those individuals surveyed would rather spend money with, or work for, those companies. 

We’re proud to now have over 60 businesses accredited with the Fair Tax Mark that are meeting this demand and standing out against their competitors by doing the right thing.

Using #CelebratingFair, the Week is also an exploration of the positive contribution corporation tax makes to society – helping fund a huge array of public services, from education and social care to flood defence, roads and policing.

During Fair Tax Week we’re running a series of online webinars showcasing a range of great speakers discussing a variety of important topics – from why corporation tax matters, to the importance of having fair tax as a key part of your business strategy and the local areas and councils standing up for fair tax. 

I’m also looking forward to speaking with my colleague Jaime at the Social Enterprise Scotland event, ‘Driving your social impact through taxation’, and hope you can join us.

Whether you’re part of an organisation wanting to share its values, or an individual keen to shout out about tax justice, we’re looking forward to #CelebratingFair with you. 

Join us in #CelebratingFair for Fair Tax Week 2021. 

Graham Drummond, Head of Communications at the Fair Tax Foundation