Social Enterprise One To Watch Award 2022 Winner Spotlight: Coffee Saints

Posted: 07 June 2023, in Awards

So who and what is the ‘next big thing’? One previous winner of the Social Enterprise Awards Scotland is just that.

We chatted to the team at Coffee Saints to find out what they’ve been up to since winning.

One previous winner of the Social Enterprise Awards Scotland is just that. Meet Coffee Saints who won ‘The One To Watch’ Category in 2022 being recognised as showing early potential which was clearly articulated in their application. Who will win the 2023 One To Watch Award Category? Could it be your organisation?

Why did you apply to the Social Enterprise Awards Scotland 2022?

We created a new brand during COVID, to retain our staff and to make sure that we had jobs for them, when things returned to “normal”. It turned out better than we could have imagined and the response from our customers made us wonder if we had an award winning brand on our hands.

How did the Social Enterprise Scotland Awards 2022 benefit you?

It gave us more exposure as a new brand and gave us something to shout about.

What progress have you made since winning the category you won in the SES Awards 2022?

We have opened our second Coffee Saints and we are working with big organisations such as the Edinburgh Playhouse and John Lewis.

What would you say to someone considering entering the SES Awards 2022?

Just go do it! What have you got to lose. You will always think that you have something good going but winning an award confirms that you have something good going especially when its other people that have decided on it.

What is next for your organisation – what can we look forward to or expect?

We hope to expand and open another Coffee Saints soon.

Is there anything else you’d like to add?

Whether you win or lose, the awards are always a great event to be part of as you meet so many other inspirational organisations and people and you can make vital connections for your organisation.

More about The Grassmarket Community Project who support a number of social enterprises including Coffee Saints.

The Grassmarket Community Project takes an innovative approach to creating community, providing sanctuary and support to people dealing with multiple complex issues. These include homelessness, mental/physical health problems, learning difficulties, poverty, substance misuse, physical abuse and more.

Through social enterprise, mentoring, education and support in a nurturing environment, the Project creates opportunities for those furthest from mainstream education and employment opportunities. Individuals develop skills and confidence, re-connect with themselves and their community, and improve their overall health and wellbeing.

Social Enterprise Scotland Awards 2023 are open!

The awards are a real opportunity to showcase the very best of the sector, highlighting the agility, ability and active role that social enterprises play in building places, supporting communities and making a positive impact on our environment and wellbeing. Apply before July 10th!

We have 9 categories available. This is your chance to spotlight the incredible work of your organisation, celebrate your achievements, demonstrate social impact and be recognised as best in sector. All Social Enterprises that operate in Scotland or individuals/organisations that work/volunteer in Scotland are eligible to enter. We have a helpful criteria which can guide you through your application. Simples!