Social Enterprise Spotlight – The Wee Retreat

Posted: 09 February 2021, in News

Our newest Social Enterprise Spotlight is Vicky Kakos and The Wee Retreat. The Wee Retreat is a meditation & well-being centre offering mindfulness meditation courses & retreats. Read and share their Q&A interview below! Get in contact with Vicky on

What’s your social and/or environmental mission?
We are here to make sure everyone has the opportunity to access, learn and practice looking after their wellbeing! 

How do you do it?
We offer a really wide range of wellbeing activities such as yoga, mindfulness, pilates and self-discovery writing workshop. We have beautiful studios in southside Glasgow and also offer classes and workshops online. We work with not-for-profit organisations and social enterprises to make sure those who are facing barriers to accessing our services can.

What’s your personal motivation for being a social entrepreneur?
Seeing the good we are doing and widening the reach of who we are helping keeps me motivated! When we hear what a difference attending a weekly yoga class or a beginners Mindfulness course has made to someone’s life, that’ll do it!

What are your current projects?
We have two really exciting projects on the go! Our Wellbeing @ Work service launched last summer and we are now helping businesses and organisations look after their team’s wellbeing and we have a brand new support service for wellbeing practitioners in the pipeline, watch this space!

What exciting things do you have coming up?
Thanks to CRF funding, we are developing a completely free online wellbeing service for those who’s wellbeing has been adversely affected by the pandemic. We’re really excited to have the opportunity to reach out to the most vulnerable members of our community and offer them this service.

Who do you want to work with more?
We would love to hear from charities and organisations who can help us reach the people who could benefit from the free wellbeing service mentioned above as well as any organisation that would like to chat about how we can help their wellbeing at work provision.

What’s your biggest challenge?
At the moment, our biggest challenge is keeping all the plates spinning! We’re working hard to put systems in place to help us and thankfully, we have good selfcare routines in place to keep our stress levels down!

What top tips would you give to other social enterprises?
Look after yourselves! If your cup is empty, you have nothing to give and you’ll just run yourself down trying…