Voices of Social Enterprise Supporters: Unity Trust Bank

Posted: 02 March 2015, in Press Release


Voices of Social Enterprise Supporters

Unity Trust Bank is pioneering our latest SEW feature and new opportunity for Associate members of Social Enterprise Scotland.

We’ll be giving our Associates a high-profile platform to tell us how they’re supporting social enterprises – whether that’s through a programme of finance, policy, a support programme or other relevant work.

A short news article will be written by the Associate member and edited by SES, then widely publicised to all our partners, including social enterprises, MSPs, the media, the public, the private sector and more…

Social Enterprise Supporter: Unity Trust Bank

Unity Trust Bank is partnering with social investor Big Issue Invest Scotland (BIIS) to offer 100% loan finance to charities and social enterprises looking to purchase, renovate or build their own property in 2015 and beyond.

The 100% loan finance deal means that even if an organisation does not have the cash reserves to provide a deposit, it can still take out a loan as Unity and BIIS will provide all of the finance needed. The organisation just needs to be able to demonstrate the ability to generate revenue and other income to repay the borrowing. Unity can provide up to 70% of the amount required, with BIIS providing up to 30%. We understand the needs of social economy organisations and we’re keen to work flexibly to meet the objectives of social enterprises and charities, to support their growth.

Unity is a specialist bank for organisations in the social economy and focuses on being socially responsible, financially sustainable and delivering high levels of customer satisfaction, driven by the needs of its customers. It understands that social economy organisations often have the ideas and capability to create positive social change but can find it difficult to secure a deposit needed to take out a loan to achieve this.

Fraser Kelly, Chief Executive, Social Enterprise Scotland said: “Unity Trust Bank is a major player in the social investment market, providing finance to a wide range of innovative organisations across Scotland and the UK. The far-reaching and positive impacts of this social investment should not be underestimated, as Unity and other pioneering social investors seek to build social capital, change lives and regenerate communities.”

For more information on the 100% loan finance scheme, including details on rates and fees, please visit www.unity.co.uk/loan100 or call Gordon Allan, Relationship Manager, on 07711 412 889 / gordon.allan@unity.co.uk

Unity Trust Bank is a specialist bank for the social economy and wider civil society. With over 30 years experience in the sector, they provide tailored day-to-day banking and finance to charities, social enterprises, co-operatives, voluntary and community organisations, trade unions, councils, housing associations and more. As well as day-to-day banking services and savings accounts designed to meet the unique needs of these organisations they also provide flexible borrowing options and are committed to lending £100m to social economy organisations between 2013 and 2015.